Hong Kong is a largely autonomous city that governs itself in all areas except for the areas of defense and foreign affairs. That aspect of their government is handled by the People’s Republic Of China. Hong Kong is responsible for maintaining and governing it’s own system of currency, highway regulations, immigrations and legal system.

Hong Kong was originally formed as a trading port, allowing goods to be routed from the Far East to Western countries. Then in 1842 it became a crown colony of the United Kingdom. This continued on for many years until 1983 when Hong Kong was reclassified as a sovereign British dependant city. In 1997, under agreement between the UK and the People’s Republic Of China, Hong Kong was transferred back to China.

Hong Kong is a huge cosmopolitan city that is known around the world for it’s beautiful expansive landscape, world class cuisine and its large harbor.

Hong Kong is a city that offers a huge amount of attractions to visitors. One of the most popular and probably most breathtaking has to be Victoria Peak, known by locales as simple The Peak. This majestic mountain is located in the Western quadrant of Hong Kong Island. It has an altitude of just over eighteen hundred feet. While the very top of ‘The Peak” is closed to the general public, due to it accommodating a rather large communication complex, the area all around the mountain maintains a collection of parks which gives visitors a spectacular view of the city proper, the adjacent islands and Victoria Harbor.

Victoria Harbor is another tourist attraction that has high value to visitors from all over the world. Its naturally deep harbor has been prized for its recreational value as early as the 19th century when water polo events were held here. Today, its used for its panoramic view of the city and for its annual fireworks display. A favorite activity of visitors to Victoria Harbor are the special night cruises. These afford tourist the opportunity to view Hong Kong in all its lighted glory. It’s also a chance for visitors to witness the Symphony Of Lights. The Symphony Of Lights is a nightly synchronized light display and laser show. Here the exterior lights of over forty buildings are set to the orchestration of music. It’s an incredible display that can be viewed from the ferry.

Another popular attraction is Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Here the wax likenesses of over one hundred celebrities can be seen. But, this museum takes it even further. It offers a full multimedia experience as well. Visitors can engage the exhibits in variety of ways. They can step into famous paintings, play with sports legends and even sing along with their favorite singers. Each area of Madame Tussauds is themed allowing visitors to visit only the celebrities categories they are interested in. The themes include sport legends, movie stars and national heroes. At Madame Tussauds there is also a section that takes you behind the scenes in the wax figure creation process. This tour takes you through each step in the process, giving you an unprecedented view into the entire process. There are also many souvenir shops and other vendors located here.

A must see attraction of Hong Kong is Upper Lascar and Hollywood Road, known also by the name Cat Street. Here there are dozens of shops and antique stores that feature exotic gifts and souvenirs. Shoppers can purchase everything from antique Chinese furniture to cool and unusual gifts for your friends and family. Adjacent to the stalls of Cat Street is Ladder Street. Here there are a ton of bargains to be had by thrifty shoppers. And remember, negotiation is a part of the fun.

Another interesting locale is the Western Market. This is a location situated in an very large brick building that was built in 1906. Here shoppers can buy all sorts of hand crafted items and hand woven tapestries and rugs. After a busy day of shopping, Lan Kwai Fong offers visitors a completely different experience. Lan Kwai Fong offers a bustling nightclub and bar scene. Located here are dozens of bars, restaurants, and delis that serve up western style cuisine on a nightly basis. Adjacent to Lan Kwai Fong is the Soho District. The name of this district stands for “South Of Hollywood Road” and its upscale cosmopolitan restaurants offer visitors an opportunity to sample cuisine from all over the world. In this district you can try cuisines from such localities as New Orleans all the way to Portugal.

While touring the city, don’t forget to check out Golden Bauhinia Square. This location, also known as Expo Promenade, sports a convention centre where the British government officially handed Hong Kong back over to the Peoples Republic Of China. To mark that momentous occasion a statue called the Golden Bauhinia was erected here. A flag raising ceremony is held here on a daily basis.

For horse racing fans, Hong Kong offers visitors the Happy Valley Racecourse. Here visitors can experience the thrill of night races, as well as the Come Horse Racing Tour held between the months of September through July.

An exciting and unique experience to be had in the city only takes a visit to Jumbo Kingdom. This amazing floating restaurant and entertainment complex was opened in 1976 and is designed to look like an ancient Chinese Palace. It’s located in Aberdeen Harbor and has a seating capacity of over twenty three hundred people. It features a six star restaurant, a wine garden, a tea garden and even has cultural and shopping venues available. The Jumbo Kingdom has been referred to as one of the largest floating restaurants in the entire world.

Lastly, Hong Kong offers some of the finest hotels in the world, complete with all the amenities that one would expect, including internet access, fine dining, laundry services and secretarial services. And most of the hotels registered with the Hong Kong Hotel Association also offer transportation and shuttle service to and from the many tourist attractions.